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Driftwood Clock with Ceramic Hearts


A totally unique addition to any home…

An individual, driftwood clock created from driftwood gathered on the shores of the West Coast.
Once the body of the clock has been made, the ceramic hearts we created in our pottery studio, are then carefully placed on.

The clock heights range from 16.5cm to 20cm tall and each takes one AA battery.

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This gorgeous clock is handmade using driftwood collected on the West Coast of Scotland. We love the way that the driftwood seems to reflect the sea, with each piece being completely unique.  Collecting and using driftwood is most definitely a labour of love, with the whole process sometimes taking months! We spend many hours scouring beaches, the selected bits are dried for several weeks, before being cut and sanded to size and finally waxed to protect the wood.

The ceramic hearts are made in our pottery studio in the garden, each heart is carefully cut out, dried and fired. Glazing each one is a task which must be done carefully and then each heart must be put in the kiln upright and fired once more.

As each clock is individual, the height ranges from 16.5 – 20cm tall. The clock part takes one AA battery.