Ceramic sculpture, couple climbing




Ceramic sculpture on a waxed driftwood block, including a line of orginal poetry.

21 cm tall

5.5 cm wide

5.5 cm deep

This sulpture takes simple human forms and creates a beautiful narrative.A figure climbs. Another waits above.

Then, the words of a poem. ‘I am here, where you are’.

When Michaela created this piece, she was thinking about how precarious life is sometimes, and how grateful we are not to face things alone.

The poem she quoted is this one, written by Chris as part of an advent project.




To you whose hope

Seems stolen

Know this tender thing;

The bruised old sky above you

(Which seems to yawn indifference)

Is, in fact, leaking light.


Particles tumble down

Like this promise;

I am here

Where you are


For I know what you know

I see what you see

The fences you built are no protection

From starlight


My stars leave no shadow

And in this gentle light

Shy things

Become possible.



Chris Goan