Ceramic sculpture (heavenly choir)


Ceramic sculpture, mounted on driftwood block and featuring lines of original poetry.

5.5cm x 6 cm x 14cm approx

This charming piece happened when Michaela started playing around with an idea arising from an advent poem. She made a series of singing angels and these were mounted on a block of driftwood to form a choir.

The line of poetry is from this poem;

Baalam’s Ass

Numbers 22:21-38


“Look! It’s there!

Can’t you see it?

Wings like thunderclouds

Eyes like searchlights

Robes spun from the last rays of the summer sun

It is either a fairy pumped up on steroids

Or a feckin’ Angel

Not an allegorical one either.”


So it was that the Living God

Sent a mighty Angel

To play hide and seek with a Donkey

So that a pagan sorcerer

Could speak out holy words

To confound all Israel.


And a whole sky-choir

Of heavenly creatures


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