Poetry picture (water in the eyes)


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Ceramic poetry picture with original poetry in a hand made frame (painted and waxed)

33cm by 26cm


A few years ago, on Chris’s birthday (February) he went for a paddle in his canoe. It was a flat calm overcast day, perfect for a gentle paddle around the seal colony. However, on this day, something went wrong. Chris ended up in the water, being carried out by a fast tidal flow. To cut a long story short, after a very long swim, he was pulled out of the sea by helicopter and lived to paddle on, but experiences like this live on with you. They reveal us as fragile. They convince us of the beauty of life and force us to confront the meaning that we are making out of our time here.

This poem emerged from this experience.


Water in the eyes

The river grey again

As another squall rolls in from the sea


Clouds hang heavy

Split only by an incongruous

Splash of partial rainbow


Perhaps the slipstream left

By an angel in re-entry


Or a glimmer of an old promise

Made in haste

But never forgotten


I’ll not be drowning today


Chris Goan