Driftwood and Ceramic Poetry Clock
Driftwood and Ceramic Poetry Clock
This clock is created from carefully selected pieces of driftwood which have washed up on the shores of the West Coast of Scotland and then been dried and cut to size. Michaela takes section's of Chris' original poetry and hand stamps each letter into wet clay.
This clock says:
"rest awhile -
let's linger and
let the moments
shape us
all that work
will still be there
for blessed am i
when days
are empty
apart from
Poetry clock is 29cm tall.
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Ceramic Rockpool Bowl
Ceramic Rockpool Bowl
Be transported to the Scottish rocky shores while staring into this lovely bowl. Inspired by the many hours we spent "rock pool hunting" and identifying our finds, when the children were young (and still while they are grown up!). It felt like each rock pool contained an entire, beautiful world waiting to be explored. These bowls require much patience, as each piece or "rock" you see on the outside is hand cut and placed into a mold, like a 3D jigsaw. Once this is complete then the clay is carefully rolled out, smoothed and placed on the inside of the bowl. The bowl is then dried slowly and fired in the kiln. The inside is glazed using one of our favorite glazes which has crystals in causing the little explosions of different colours you see in the picture. The bowl is 22cm in Diameter.
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Driftwood Clock with Ceramic Hearts
Driftwood Clock with Ceramic Hearts
A totally unique addition to any home... An individual, driftwood clock created from driftwood gathered on the shores of the West Coast. Once the body of the clock has been made, the ceramic hearts we created in our pottery studio, are then carefully placed on. The clock heights range from 16.5cm to 20cm tall and each takes one AA battery.
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