Sale! Ceramic waves (all change)
Ceramic waves (all change)
Three free standing ceramic waves that curve and nest together. Each wave carries a line of original poetry. Each wave is 22 cm long Waves are 12 cm, 9.5cm and 5 cm high respectively   This started as a simple idea. Michaela was playing with some slabs of clay and decided to make some 'waves'. They stood up on their own, so she went with it, adding some poetry to the edges. The poem was written on a wild beach, standing in front of an ocean going on for ever as waves hurled themselves inwards. This piece is a tribute to that feeling. The glaze on the back is a deep blue green colour, with sparkling inclusions. Unfortunately, because we applied it thinckly in order to achieve the depth of colour, it has run slightly (see pictures.) Because of this we are offering this piece at a discount.
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Ceramic sculpture, (wrapped up)
Ceramic sculpture, (wrapped up)

Hand made ceramic sculpture, mounted on driftwood, with original poetry. This sculture began life as an idea about togetherness. Seatree is essentially the work of a married couple. We live together, we work together, we make together. This is a … Continued

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