Many of our pieces incorporate original poetry. We only use poems written by Chris, and our work often explores the interaction between words and form.


The dusk lingers, as if the sea itself is releasing light only reluctantly and in this no-longer-day but not-quite-night I am suspended. Sound is carried, cushioned by sea, to land on this shore like mirage.

The bark of a seal. An engine, ten miles away. A curlew seems no closer.

But the sea itself is silent.

In the not-quite-seeing, a bird flies; a black silhouette against the pewter sky. Flicks the scimitar tips of each graceful wing, then gone.

Not waiting for tomorrow.

C.G. Toward Beach, May 2018


As well as numerous articles for periodicals and magazines, Chris has published a number of books. We have a few of them for sale around the workshop, but they are available via the following links;

Firstly, Listing, a book of poems and meditations, available here.


A further poetry collection entitled Ten Thousand Places available here.

ten thousand places

A collaboration with Steve Broadway and Ian Adams around the theme of Advent called We who still wait, available here.


A collaboration with artist Si Smith, on the theme of lent, entitled 40, available here.


A book of poetry that was compiled to partner our first solo exhibition, entitled Where the Streams Come From, available here.


Chris has also been keen to support and encourage other writers, and as well has leading workshops, he has curated two poetry anthologies, mainly of new unpublished poets. The first of these, entitled Learning to Love, is available here.


The second in the series, entitled Reaching for Mercy is available here


Here is what other people think of Chris’s writing;

“A Chris Goan poem opens a small window into this compassionate man’s heart. I never tire of taking another peak. ” Steve Page 

“Chris Goan is a poet for our time. Again and again, his thought-provoking, powerful, sometimes painful words get to the very heart of what many of us are thinking and feeling. He’s frequently stopped me in my tracks. He’s made me laugh. He’s made me cry. He gives me hope, even in my doubts.” Steve Braodway

“Beautiful words ” Julie Hempleman

“Goan’s writing cuts through our modern defences, exposing struggle and resolution, doubt and faith, regret and hope. His work excavates down through the civilised layers of western culture, revealing our shared humanity.” Val Fraser, Author and Journalist.

“The poems of Chris Goan bring me back to earth and search for a new truth to follow that separates us from the janis head a capitalistic failure and human greed … I find the poems comfort me and simplify what I aspire to” Isobel Kerr.

“Never have I come across a poet such as Chris. This lovely man, uses the world around him to create words that are so endearing and leaves many a wet eye behind. I honestly don’t feel that ANYONE could NOT be touched by such beautiful poetry. Please keep them coming.” Frederique Hill .

“Your poetry speaks from the heart , It is always good to find a poet who is able to say what I may instinctively know or feel, and express it so eloquently” Karen Jane Aldridge

“Hi Chris – I am lucky enough to own the piece in the photo. It hangs in my office and during difficult times it inspires me and makes me wonder.” Gillian Barclay

“I am writing this from my sick bed, but for you Chris – the one who always instills confidence in others for as long as I have known you – some thirty odd years; I’m surprised you feel so embarrassed at everyone’s kind and honest praise for your
inspiring, wonderful, heart-wrenching and creative words. You have, over the years, kept many people alive with your fabulous poetry. We are blessed to have your words. Maybe I am biased, but I honestly don’t think so.” Chris Sweeney

“Chris – Your words form Absolutely Delicious Narratives…” Elaine Nichols