We love to make special, one-off pieces designed around individual requirements. If you have a particular space in mind, indoors or outdoors, or have a special person or a special occasion you want to celebrate, please get in touch.

Here are some examples of previous commissions we have undertaken.


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To give some idea about the wider options for commissioned pieces, here are some of the broad categories of work we have made before.   It is important to remember though that each piece we make will be unique, so don’t expect a copy anything you see on this site!



We are able to make individual pieces tailored your specific occasion or requirements. For example, we have made items that have incorporated the shape of particular landscape features, or names and dates of birth.  We can even do some work from photographs. (Click to enlarge images)




We make individual wall art, framed for display. Again, all of these pieces are unique. Our favourite works combine shape, texture, and words of poetry, but we have also undertaken specific commissions, for example marking the birth of a child, or the retirement of a colleague.


Outdoor objects

We make things from driftwood and found materials, intended for display either temporarily (for festivals for example) or for more permanent garden/landscape installations. All wooden items will be preserved in oils but they will inevitably respond to the effects of the weather over time.



We have made a number of hand and footprint platters, marking the imprint of tiny hands and feet for all time.


Commissioned ‘events’

Why not make something yourself, as an individual, a family or a group? We have worked with community groups, festivals, mental health groups, families alike to tailor a making process to suit their particular needs. We love these events because the focus is not just on ‘product’ but also on shared process.



We have a love of the odd and the unusual, so have also taken on all sorts of other projects from making medals for sporting events (for example the Inveraray Jailhouse Break or the Benmore hill race) or a set of bumble bees to for a wood turner. If you have a random need and think that we might be able to make something for you in ceramics or wood get in touch!