We read something recently that seemed very true. It went something like this;

When you buy something from an artist, you are buying many years of failure.

You are buying a spark of inspiration that began many years before, that was nurtured, in the face of a thousand small frustrations.

You are buying persistence. You are buying hope. You are buying a thousand dreams.

Art is only partly object.

For our spirits can not be measured.

We are humbled when what we do or what we make has an impact on other people. It is quite simply why we do what we do. When we sell something we have made, the transaction is not just economic, rather it feels as though we are passing on something of ourselves. In this section, we will be gathering together feedback we have received.

We offer it in gratefulness!

10.06.18 (vase commission from photo images)

We just gave our gift to the neighbours. I can’t do justice to their reaction, but they absolutely loved it! Stevie almost burst into tears. It means a lot to them as it’s so personal, so thank-you! It is beautiful and I know they will treasure it.
Mary & Campbell

21.04.18 (order of a bowl with poetry)

It’s arrived safely – I absolutely love it – just exactly what I wanted , thank you
Mary O’Donnell


Hi Michaela. The washing line arrived this morning and I have to say, it’s even more beautiful in the flesh. I’m very mesmerised by it. Thank you so much!


13.03.18 (on delivery of a wee sculpture, girl in the wind)

She arrived safely and cheered my friend up no end.

Much appreciated.

Hi Chris and Michaela
Thank you so so much for the gorgeous picture – it has just arrived and lifted my spirits in the middle of what’s proving to be a difficult day.
Vicky xxx

My friend Mary recently commissioned a bowl from you as a gift for me. I wanted to let you know how delighted I am. It is so beautiful, I love the colour, the shape and the touching words you have added.
I will recommend you to my friends and family.
Kind regards,
Anne Marie

Hi there!
The plaque is beautiful. Thank you very much.


Workshop feedback

August 2nd 2018

Hi Michaela,

Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday’s session. We all loved it and it was the most enthusiastic the boys were for their whole holiday! Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

Thanks again!


Septmber 14th 2018

Dear Michaela,
Thank you so much for a fab night, I so enjoyed it! .. and.your work is really beautiful!

Will definitely book for Christmas Decoration making session, looking forward to the next time.

Thanks again

September 14th 2018

Hi Michaela, I’m just sitting having a cup of tea out of my lovely watertight mug!! The kids are delighted with the things they made.
Thanks, Lucy.

September 21st 2018
Hi Michaela!

Meant to message you earlier but I have literally just sat down, glass of wine in hand!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. Fiona messaged me when they got home ( they did make the boat phew!) to say what a fabulous time they had all had.
I didn’t think O was coming… life hasn’t been too kind to her over the least few years so it’s all about having good times when possible and last night was just that! Thank you for being so kind and understanding with her – she really is marvellous and so clever and talented!!
We can’t wait to see our vases .

Thanks again Michaela, I loved my night spent with lovely people!!

S xx

I meant to text you earlier to say thanks for the evening – kids seem to love it! Great stuff!

Crossroads Young Carers


Hi Michaela,

Thanks again for the pottery workshop, the clients all really enjoyed it.

We will definitely be looking to organise more sessions with you soon if that’s okay with you?

HELP Dunoon

Hi Michaela, thanks very much for doing the session today. :

Comments from participants:

Happy I did something I never expected to do

Thought it was great. Love to do it again. Many thanks

Full of cheer…whatever it (the mug) turns out like!

Thanks for running such a great workshop.

Take Away Creative


Hi Michaela,
Thanks so much for coming out to the school yesterday – you were great with the students and it was so much fun to have the opportunity of a ‘hands-on’ practical activity. Your knowledge of iron age pottery was also extremely helpful!
Thank you as well for kind offer of the pit firing and pot glazing, that sounds fantastic!  I’m sure the students will be looking forward to seeing how their creations turn out.
Thanks again!
All the best,
Derek Darkins
PT Guidance and Head of Benmore House, Dunoon Grammar School, Argyll and Bute Council