A fair and steady wind…

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This piece was a commission earlier this year for one of our tiled pictures to be sent to Australia but unframed due to customs. The customer wanted something for a gift for a family member who loves the sea and sailing – a perfect opportunity to use one of my favourite of Chris’s poems – If hope raises up these tattered sails will you send for me a fair and steady wind?
The customer had seen a framed tile with those words and on when at a Christmas fair we were exhibiting at in Glasgow and contacted us in the new year. We made two and that allowed her to choose the design she liked the best, or in case one broke in the kiln firing. It was sent to the customer and she put it in a parcel being sent by all the family for a birthday treat, for someone who loves sailing.
We love to make something that is specially commissioned – so much thought has already gone into it by the person making the request and we can add to the thinking and designing. It makes it a very special thing to do.
Recently, we’ve had requests for ‘words’ to see you through the week’ for people in different circumstances that needed cheering along, requests to make certain items with pieces of Chris’s poetry on, when the words have resonated with them, lovely gift messages to be added to items ordered from the website. It’s so lovely to make those connections with you all. Keep them coming!

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