Making fish while the sun shines (and when it doesn’t!)

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We both work together on some of our pieces and the ever-popular fishy clocks are one of our joint projects.

We’ve been making these for a long time and keep on working on new ways to keep them fresh looking. Chris has acquired new tools over the last year which is helping hi to cut finer pieces of the driftwood, which eats the saw blades, it seems. Sometimes he leaves the bottom edge curved as he finds the driftwood and sometimes he cuts a neat rectangle.


We also used to cut the fish by hand but it was quite time-consuming and not always accurate so we now have a special cutter. It’s  of the fish very therapeutic part of the process, rolling the clay, cutting and then smoothing the edges.


And we’ve started to mix some glazes to add a bit of vibrancy – it makes a lovely change for us to be laying with glazes in this way. We add on the glaze, let them dry, then sponge the edges to give them a really neat finish. For many years, I’ve used cut up cheap bits of sponge but I’ve since discovered mudtools pottery sponges and oh, they’re a joy to use.


I think these colourful glazes might find its way onto some other pots. Watch this space. Do you like the new look clocks?


You’re welcome to ask us any technical questions, or if you would like to commission one or find out if we have any in stock, please give us a shout.


  1. Lorna Ahlquist

    love the colours, like the old ones also…oh dear! Sponge sounds good, will have a look at some point! I have just cut out the leaves of a set of trees so relate to cutting little fishes!

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